In 2008 Danielle Singer Moore designed The Pocket Advocate to guide herself, and those around her, through the various stages of her mental health diagnosis.

The Pocket Advocate was awarded an innovation and development grant from the London Borough of Camden, and partnered with The James Wigg Practice, and The Kentish Town Improvement Fund.

“This is a huge gap in services and the long term social bene ts of this work would more than outweigh the short term costs.”

- Social Worker, Camden.

In 2012 the government stopped publishing data on mental health treatment in A&E centres. Based on statistical projections, the number of people treated for mental health conditions in A&E would have rocketed from 330,000 in 2002 to more than a million in 2014. 1

This huge rise in crisis relapse & hospital admissions, combined with a dramatic decrease in the number of psychiatric beds available, has raised concerns about the adequacy of mental health provision and quality of care. 2

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2. 01/09/2004